Friday, February 10, 2012

Garlic, Yogurt, Pumpkin Oh MY!

Ok, I am not a vet but I am a dog owner that wants the best for my dog. My holistic vet suggested that I read Natrual Dog, A holistic guide for healtheir dogs, by Dr. Kahlasa. You can get it on Amazon for $12.71 at

I would strongly recommend this book! If you know of any other great books, please comment at the end of this so we can SHARE information!

Now, for some information that I would like to share with you!

I am sure you all know about the foods to keep away from your pooches including grapes and chocolate.  Well I got a funny story to share and I am sure you have your own stories that you laugh about after the fact.  So one day my daughter was eating green grapes and one of the grapes was soft so she threw it in a trash can but Bella ran right over and dodged into the can to get the grape.  We were horrified since she was only 10 pounds so we called the emergency vet who said we needed for her to vomit.  So we mixed together hydogen perixode and baking soda and somehow we needed the little booger to drink it.  Lena had a great idea to use the turkey baster, so she held her mouth open and I squirted the concoxtion down her throat and within a minute she was vomiting!  Yeah, we thought we solved the problem.  An hour later, I went out shopping and Lena calls me that she is vomiting again.  I hurried home and called the vet and she asked me if Bella vomited the grape.  I said “that is a good question, I have no idea”.  The vet said “well we need to know if she vomited the grape or not”... so the search started to go through the trash outside to find the paper towels and guess what?  The grape was not in the outside trash, she never vomited the grape!!!  After putting on our Sherlock Holmes cap I went to the initial trash can where Lena disposed of the grape and it was STILL IN THE TRASH!  

I have said that we have a rule since then that we won’t have grapes in the house but there is a certain time in the summer when the grapes are oh so crisp and crunchy that I must get them but let me reassure you, I am a witch when anyone is eating them!

Garlic, the wonder vegtable!  You can google what foods not to feed dogs and garlic will come up on the list.  Well according to my holistic vet, a dog can have one raw clove a day.  It is good for the coat and the blood.  Garlic has anicillin it in, a natural antibiotic that is healthy for everyone.  We all should eat a clove a garlic a day.  I actually know some garlic freaks that shove a clove of garlic up their vagina to cure a yeast infection!  Just thought I would throw that out there to you!

Yogurt... oh to be living in the Mediterran and enjoying all the benifits of a Mediterran diet!  Yogurt is so benifical for everyone.  Just make sure it has the live cultures of alfodophilus and make sure you give your pooches only plain yogurt.  All other yogurts have way too much sugar and sugar is very unneccesary for pooches or they can develop diabetes and so can you!

Pumpkin:  wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic food that us humans could take to stop diahera and constipation?  Well Pumpkin is the magic food for dogs.  EVERY dog owner should get at least a can of PURE PUMPKIN in their pantry.  Make sure you are not buying the canned pumpkin with  the spices in it for pumpkin pie; it must say 100% Pure Pumkin.  Anyway, I would suggest opening the can and filling an ice tray full of the pumpkin, freeze it and when solid, dump into a freezer bag and save in freezer until you unfortunatly need to use it.  
Now of course it is obvious when to use it but the reason I had to start using it was because little Ms. Bella has an obsession with paper towels and napkins and until someone can train my husband not to keep paper towels lying around, we will be using pumpkin!  If Bella eats some paper, I give her some pumpkin (maybe a Tablespoon) and it does magic to the paper towel and prevents me from pulling a paper towel out of her butt!

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