Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lake house sweet treat

I am on vacation at our lake house but even though it's a vacation the dogs need to eat. Luckily I have a food processor at this house because all my dog food goes through a food processor. Here's a little treat that I have in the oven now and if you don't have any of the ingredients you can substitute. 

Before I share the recipe I would like to point out that some people have told me they are getting recipes from Pinterest.  Just because you see a recipe online and especially if it looks so pretty shaped like a dog biscuit it does not mean it is healthy for your dog. If you see a recipe that has baking soda that is unnecessary for your dog. If you see a recipe that has milk do not use that recipe, dogs can get sick having milk. If you see a recipe that has a lot of carbs like flour AND oats do not use that recipe dogs do not need a lot of grains. If you see a recipe that you add salt don't use that recipe dogs do not need salt dogs can get sick having salt. If you see a recipe that has any form of sugar natural sugar or artificial sweetener do not use that recipe. Dogs can die if they ingest xylitol. Dogs do not need to have sugar. Sugar is bad for humans as well as dogs. You can sweeten any recipe with a little fruit  for instance applesauce. 

My philosophy when making treats is to pack fruits and or vegetables in it so they are getting some nutritional value. This particular recipe I am sharing is a sweet recipe. 

1 1/2 cups of dried oats that you make into oat flour in the food processor

1 1/2 carrots processed into little 

2 teaspoons melted extra virgin coconut oil

Ground pumpkin seed and flaxseed 1 teaspoon each. (I keep a combined mixture of this in my freezer and pull it out to put in all my recipes)

2 teaspoons fennel leaves

3/4 ripe banana

1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce

One egg

3 tablespoons powdered peanut butter mixed with one and a half tablespoons of water

Line a small tray with Reynolds wrap and put some coconut oil* on it so the mixture will not stick. 

Put all ingredients in a food processor to mix well. Then pour onto prepared pan and bake at 350° for 30 minutes. These are not hard treats they are soft. 

Allow to cool and cut into small squares. Put some in refrigerator in a Tupperware and the rest put in the freezer. 

* this is additional coconut oil coconut or listed in the ingredients goes into the mixture.