Sunday, February 19, 2012

Garlic: raw or cooked ?????

My holistic vet and the book that I have referred to at the beginning of this blog states that 1 clove raw garlic a day is fine for dogs and actually good for their coat.  I am 100% Italian and I always cook with garlic and always put raw in our salad... my kids don't like it cause it gives you bad breath but it is so good for you.  Anyway, I will have to say that from now on I will NOT put raw garlic in the dogs food bur rather sautee it in EVOO with the meat or veggies that I a cooking.. this is my findings:

All the meals I make I have been sauteing the garlic with the meat or veggies but THIS week, I was chopping up the garlic RAW and putting it in the food. Bella, my two year old sucked up her meals but she will also eat dead worms on the side walk!  Snow, who is my picky eater, loves all the meals I cook but the switch this week was to put RAW garlic in it.  So this week, he goes up to it and sniffs it (we all know the best sense for dogs is SMELL) and he sniffed it and walked away because he did not like the smell of raw garlic!  From now on I will cook the garlic in his food!

Garlic is so good for humans, it has a natural antibiotic called ACILLIN.  I used to get this freaky magazine way back in the day like 26 years ago that would treat vagina yeast infections with raw garlic.  You would thread a clove of garlic  and put it up your vagina and let it say for a day and then put another one up the next day with one cut in the garlic and continue for five days with new garlic and more cuts!  I thought it was crazy but not anymore, not that I have tried it nor have I had any yeast infections but I do believe in the natural healing properties in garlic!  

Just this week I have a story to share with you and i know this has nothing to do with dogs but still would like to share since we are talking about garlic.

My son had planter warts 10 years ago and after 12 freeze dry attempts by a food doctor AND surgery to remove the warts, they still came back!  We did duct tape and that worked.  Now my daughter recently  has planters wart and after everything I went through with my son I vowed I would not go to doctor.  We tried the duct tape for three months with no improvement, I purchased the over the counter stuff which smelled horrible and made it worse.  After reading on my wonderful Bichon List Serve about coconut oil and the benifts for dogs and some googling, I mixed up coconut oil and crushed garlic and had her apply it to the wart twice a day.  Keep in mind that after having duct tape on her foot for three months, she had all this skin that had the first layer come off where the duct tape was where there was not a wart since the skin was covered for so long.... anyway, within two days the warts were disappearing and within 2 weeks all her skin that had the layer off was back to normal and as of this writing, the warts are 95% or maybe even all gone!

WOW, coconut oil is the best!  I did go to Whole Foods and buy EXTRA Virgin Cold Press for $15 for her treatment, Yesterday I was at Trader Joes and the had Virgin (not Extra Virgin) for $6, I did get that cause i am  cooking with it for the dogs and giving them some for a treat, they love it! I personally tried it on my own hair and it did great for my hair making it shiny and manageable but I don't wash my hair every day so the next day it looks greasy... I may go put some coconut oil on my hair right now!

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  1. I know garlic is medicinal, but I do not feed it to my dog because the "small" quantity that is safe is uncertain and with my luck it's too much...also even though I do eat raw garlic on occasions, I eat it for medicinal purposes when I know I won't be socializing for a couple of days afterwards. While I do like the fresh garlic smell, I find it positively repulsive when it comes from a person's body after it's been digested...a completely different odor all together and it makes ma want to upchuck! I've got a very sensitive stomach to odors! I've even tried the odorless garlic tabs and they smell just as bad...I'd rather eat the fresh sprinkled on my food when I'm alone and this way I can stink to my heart's content and not worry about offending anyone ;-) Great stuff that garlic, too bad it's so potent after it's been digested!