Monday, June 4, 2012

To Supplement or not?

I have a love/hate relationship with vitamins.  Before I begin, let me stress that I am not a doctor, just a person with my opinions based on experiences.
I used  to sell Shaklee vitamins back in the day and take a ton of them.  Just two years ago I had some bad blood circulation in my arms and I purchased this vitamin that claimed to help blood circulation.  After being on it for two weeks I got my menstrual period and I proceeded to get my period twice a month for three months before I went to the doctor who was perplexed.  I came home after a wasted doctor's visit and I read the back of the bottle of the vitamin to improved blood circulation and it read "increases blood flow"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it sure did increase blood flow with me!  I went off that vitamin and my periods went right back to normal!  This experience really made me think how vitamins can effect your body.

So a little over a year ago my holistic vet suggested that I home cook for my bichons cause one of them was always vomiting.  I did ask her if I should supplement and she said "as long as I give them plenty of fruits and vegtables, ect I will be fine.

Well I did that for a whole year and my dogs were so healthy but I was reading some articles that said people who home cook for their dogs are causing their dogs to have brittle bones, ect ( you can't always believe what you read and you need to know ALL the facts) ... so I went out and purchased a cocktail of a powder with everything in it including nutritional yeast.

Three weeks after giving the powder supplement one of my dogs got a yeast ear infection.  My vet said the supplement did NOT cause the yeast infection but rather it was caused from stress of having a foster dog in the house for two weeks.  I do believe her but still it gave me doubts about the supplements and I do give my dogs fresh produce, beef, turkey, salmon, oils, ect so I really think they are eating probably just as good if not better than we are so I am not going to supplement anymore.

What is your take on supplements?

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  1. Hi Paula,
    I just switched here to your blog from FB. I have a lot of experience with Malassezia fungus or yeast ear infection and if not treated well from the start, they could cause big problems. Both stress and food intolerance can cause them. It's also extremely important to check your dog's immune system which, if low, can also trigger this issue. All three combined, give a big problem... I will contact you on FB group so you can get in touch if you need any advice on this matter.